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  • You're primarily a Christian store, but do you serve non-Christians?
    Of course! Our store serves everyone. Many of our products are groceries, healthcare, and skincare products, giving people of all religious and spiritual background reason to shop at our store. We invite anyone in our community to visit us, whether for Christian products or for organic groceries. Our doors are open to all!
  • Is your store Seventh-day Adventist?
    Yes, LivingWell is owned by the Potomac Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, and all of our staff are Adventists. For many years, LivingWell was known as the Potomac Adventist Book and Health Food Store. We changed our name to LivingWell, partly because we wanted to describe what we hope happens in our customers’ lives – we hope you’re living well! We also wanted to clear up a misimpression – that only Adventists were allowed to shop here. We specialize in many Adventist products, including a wide variety of books published by Adventist authors and veggie-meat brands produced by Adventist companies. However, we also sell books by many other publishers, we carry products that serve churches of other denominations, plus sell veggie-meats and other specialty foods that are produced by secular companies. LivingWell hopes that everyone - Adventist or non-Adventist - enjoys shopping here and finds healthful products that make their lives better. We want to help people keep “LivingWell.”
  • Do you have any pastors on staff?
    Yes, we do! Our General Manager is a pastor, and several of our staff have pastoral and mission experience. All of our staff are Christian though, so if you need extra prayer, you're welcome to ask any staff member to pray with you.
  • Do you have other locations?
    No, LivingWell currently only has one location, located in Silver Spring, MD. There are other Adventist Book Centers in the region, but LivingWell is the largest and carries the widest variety of product.
  • Can I order online?
    Yes! We know that not everyone that wants to shop with us can make it to our store as often as they like, so our webstore is online and ready for you to shop at our store from wherever you may be.
  • I want to order something but can't find it online, what do I do?
    Just because something doesn't appear in our online store doesn't mean that we don't have it. To order things that are not on our website, you can place an order via phone call to our orders department. Simply call us at (301) 572-0700 and choose option 1 to place your order.
  • What is LivingWell Delivers?
    LivingWell Delivers is a direct-to-you delivery program, bringing special orders to church drop-off points around Virginia. For only $5 shipping, have your order delivered to one of the drop-offs near you!
  • How do I place an order for LivingWell Delivers?
    That's easy! you can place an order via phone call to our orders department. Simply call us at (301) 572-0700 and choose option 1 to place your order. Make sure you mention that you are placing an order for LivingWell Delivers and specify the church from one of the scheduled routes where you would like your order delivered.
  • Am I only allowed to order the special sale items?
    Certainly--you can order anything that is actively in-stock at LivingWell for your LivingWell Delivers order! This includes (but is not limited to) food items, books, gifts, beauty and skincare, music, DVDs, children's products, and more.
  • Is there a limit to the size of my order?
    No! That's the great thing about LivingWell Delivers--you pay a flat $5 rate regardless of the size of your order or its weight. However, orders are limited to in-stock products only; special orders are not included.
  • Can anyone place a LivingWell Delivers order, or only church members?"
    Anyone can place a LivingWell Delivers order! We use churches as an easily accessible delivery point, but you don't have to be a member of that church--or any church--to have an order sent there. The only requirement is that you be able to pick up your order at the nearest church delivery point during the scheduled time.
  • What happens if I don't arrive to pick up my order from the church delivery point on time?
    Unfortunately, any orders that are not picked up within the scheduled time frame at each church will be brought back to LivingWell. At that point, customers are responsible for paying for shipping to have their order mailed to them. For liability purposes, we are unable to leave any packages unattended at drop-off points. If you miss your pick up time, you do have the option of driving to the next church on the route to pick up there instead.
  • Can I have a friend or family member pick up my order for me?
    Yes, but only if you specify this in advance. For liability reasons, we cannot leave an order with a person unless their name is listed on the order. If you need or want someone to pick up your order in your stead, please contact our orders department at 240-247-1364
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