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Ransom & Reunion Through the Sanctuary

Experience the love and justice of God blended in the infinite Ransom paid for our sins, and the infinite longing of God to be reunited to those for whom He died. Ransom and Reunion covers the purpose of our creation and the process of our redemption through the imagery of the sanctuary. Simple enough for a child to understand yet deep enough to challenge a scholar.

New Life Through Choice Lifestyle Manual / Cookbook

This is not just another cookbook, in fact those who follow the principles and lifestyle presented have witnessed reversal of their diseases and ailments. It gives your body the optimum immunity to overcome simple allergies to even cancer.  You will learn to life the optimum lifestyle for healthful living. Easy to follow low-fat, plant based recipes that are healthy and full of taste. There are many recipes for gluten free individuals also.

“Here is a testimony of how the information has changed life and health!” – Dr. Sam Song

“My cholesterol was 480, triglycerides 520, blood pressure 160/110, my hair had thinned a lot. On the 15th day, I had to stop taking my BP meds because it was normal and people at church noticed my hair was filling out and my complexion was vibrant. After 40 days, testing showed everything was in normal range.” – Jean Choi

What's So Amazing About Grace?

I had originally conceived a book called What’s So Amazing About Grace and Why Don’t Christians Show More of It? in order to speak to the growing enchantment of American Christians with right-wing politics.


Christians were becoming known mainly for what they were against: pornography, homosexuality, abortion, etc. That disturbed me, as I see grace as one of the great, often untapped, powers of the universe that God has asked us to set loose.

As I wrote, the book became less about politics and society and more about the wonders of God’s grace and how it can transform individuals, families, and even nations.  - Philip Yancey